My Response to the Poem “Apples”

I chose the poem “Apples”. It is from Dogwood a journal of poetry and prose. The poem I chose was written by Claire Zoghb in 2008. I chose this poem because it incorporated a lot of things that I like. The scenery in the poem really spoke to me. I’m a rather outdoorsy person so an orchard is a place I would like to be. The imagery in the poem was very engaging and made me want to be there. The colors she describes are vivid and made me reminiscence about my own apple picking experience. I also enjoyed the seemingly bizarre ending. It did not really match the tone of the piece. I think this helped the impact of the ending. It was very thought provoking and interesting. The whole premise of the poem was very appealing to me. I enjoyed her telling of this first date. It has a real sense of innocence and anticipation that is enjoyable to read. The author added little tid bits of information, like the man is from another country, which adds interest to the piece and makes the reader want to continue reading. I think the last sentence may be my favorite of the poem. I had not seen an apple seed described the way she did I thought it was beautiful and thoughtful.

I think that it is a poem because it is more abstract than normal prose. It attempts to express an idea through vivid imagery and abstract thinking. Although it does not have all the hallmarks of poetic writing, I do feel that it has the true essence of what poetry should be. It evokes critical thinking and emotion. It also does not focus on the characters as much as it does focus on the concept of the poem.


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